I’ll Write Anything for Money!

November 27, 2011, Judd

Hey, it’s Judd. Thanks for checking out my article portfolio. I’ve been a freelance writer since 1997. I’m still waiting for that call from National Geographic and Time Magazine editors:  ”Judd, we just absolutely love your stuff. We’d love to offer you $10,000 per article; 1,000 words. Deadline flexible.”

Guess I’ll keep holding my breath and continue to write freelance articles. Whether for money, or for joy, or both, Iwrite. And I think everybody should (text messages not included).

Writing keeps the ol’ noggin sharp. It’s one of the best mental workouts. I’m a very physically-active person; writing is the perfect compliment for my cerebral workout needs. Some days, in fact most, I don’t feel like the synapses are firing on all cylinders (does a brain have cylinders?), but writing, the labor of love that it is, reads best when it requires no effort; it just flows.

I hope there are at least a few articles in my portfolio that will both enlighten and entertain you. And yes, I will write anything for money, so if you need help crafting the “write stuff” drop me a line.




Judd Handler is a freelance writer and wellness/lifestyle coach in Encinitas, California. He surfs uncrowded, fun reef breaks; plays instrumental alternate-tuning guitar; goes hiking in the backcountry; and is amazed on a daily basis by just being alive.
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